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Your School Stars...
In this new feature our resident astrologist searches the skys for answers to some of those everyday school problems...
Our Year 13 Team
As we mentioned in our issue, in the summer we will reveal our year 13 team - if you want us to! But who do you think they are? To post who you think they are, click "Read More" then leave us a comment at the bottom of the page.
Farewell Year of...
1999 saw the Kosovo War, the introduction of the single European currency, Star Wars: Episode 1 and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, and the building of the Millennium Dome. It also saw over 150 children in oversized blazers being waved goodbye to by their mummies outside the RMGS gates.
Investigating: Healthy Eating
With ?fat tests? being introduced into primary schools, and the government taking its lead from TV chefs, one might well be depressed at the state that our diets have fallen into, whether by our own lax attitudes or otherwise. Fortunately for RMGS students, our beloved school is once again leagues ahead of the rest of the country with its Healthy School Scheme. But is it actually working?
General Studies: Why Waste Our Time?
There is one subject which, on the mention of its name, teachers and sixth formers alike begin to experience a rise of emotions inside. To some it is a waste of time, to others an important subject which should be respected, in the timetable it is simply "General Studies".
Apple Mac vs Windows
With the incredible popularity of the iPod, and software such as iTunes and the iTunes Music Store becoming market leaders it seems that Apple, the company behind all this is reaching newfound levels of success, and demand for their own brand of computers and operating system (Mac OS) has never been higher... But not at RMGS...
Change of Times Rejected
Overmark has learnt that proposals to change the structure of the school day have been rejected. The plans, which have been adopted on a trial basis by some other schools, would have seen non-teaching time reduced in order to fit in structured activates towards the end of the day. According to our sources these plans were not welcomed by many teachers who felt it would not have left sufficient time at registration for pastoral care.
Year 13 Prom
A dedicated team of highly organised year 13s has been beavering away preparing this year?s prom. Despite many complaints about the price, the venue and the team members themselves the event looks to be a roaring success, and certainly not something to be missed. Just to confirm some details, the prom is open to all students in Year 13 as well as staff and will take place on August 24th at the St George Hotel in Rochester. Tickets are on sale at lunchtime at a price of £25 for students and £10 for teachers. You can get more details from their website: http://rmgs-prom.blogspot.com
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