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Ofsted Uncut: We Reveal The Rest Of The Report!
Well seeing as youe probably heard all the good things OFSTED have to say about our school, we decided that it was only fair to point out all the negative things they said! Wee subdivided all of the interesting points into categories for easy reading.
Did Ofsted Read Overmark?
Despite the fact we heard many of you say "if Ofsted want to know what we think, give them a copy of Overmark," we wonder if they actually read it?
What Green Bins?
Well after all the talk and the hype where are the green bins? Looking around the school we have seen no green bins, and only a limited number of green sacks. What green sacks we have seen aren being used properly anyway and their placement seems inappropriate as well. For example there is one is a German room which produces very little paper waste, while there are none in the art areas which produce the most paper waste.
And The Grand Total Is...
£2500 (approximately). Although this is a large amount of money going to very good causes it is substantially less than what has been raised in previous years. Statistically it only works out as £1.50 per person. We believe this is due to a suppressed week of events; perhaps because of the presence of Ofsted as well as the lack of Kiss-o-grams?
Music Teacher Name
Well many apologies but we actually made a mistake in our paper last month! Oops! It seems Mr Ethering was not the replacement music teacher, but Mr King is. He is the new permanent music teacher replacing the recent run of short-term teachers who ultimately replaced Mr Podesta. We hope this teacher stays on and brings some stability back to the music department (no pun about the flood intended!).
6th Form Block
Well our sources indicate that the 6th form block is due for a makeover in the Easter holidays. The plans seem to be to turn G2 (upstairs) into a study area for both years and convert F3 into a common area for both years which will have a small kitchen amongst other things. Overmark considers this a good idea, but in practice we ask will it actually work? We predict vandalism / accidental damage will quickly incapacitate the kitchen, while overcrowding will only make problems worse.
Still no coke...
The situation is worsening for all you fizzy drinks addicts, not only is the Ribena machine still there, but there is less and less Coke available over the counter. What little there is is only diet, it seems our Ribena boycott hasn't been working. We still suggest that all you die-hard addicts continue not using the machines as no matter how much pressure the school puts on Megabytes, ultimately if the machine doesn't make a profit it will go!
They're Still Not Yellow
The long awaited buses are still not yellow, it now appears that the expected arrival is after half term, however if you know different please let us know! It is getting to the stage where we wonder if we are ever going to see them...
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