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In The Rumour Mill
Keeping our ears to the ground we have picked up on one interesting rumour in the last week; and that is that following our status as Science College. The school is considering renaming Rainham Mark Grammar School (RMGS), Rainham Mark Science College (RMSC). This is only a rumour and we have not been able to validate this in any way, Mr Moore chose to make no comment on it in our meeting - perhaps more significant than him denying it outright?. If true, we ask is it really necessary? It just sounds to us like being a little pointless (like Upbury Manor Arts College). But what do you think?
A sporting Spy?
We here at Overmark are looking for a sports reporter. The role will involve providing regular reports on Inter-form and Inter-School matches in all sports; as well as information about PE in general at the school. We had one response to our ad before, however we later found they were in fact a member of Inside Mark and after contacting them with our ideas for stories we heard nothing else from them - strange? Maybe, or maybe they were spying? If any member of Inside Mark is reading this - we can play dirty too.
Always Coca-Cola?
It seems that Megabytes, our school canteen is actually going out of its way to make itself unpopular. Firstly they stop serving chips every day and begin serving healthy alternatives instead, and now they are denying us fizzy-drinks as well!
What Did You Think About Red Cards?
We asked you what you thought about the controversial Red Card system (see original article); unfortunately due to continual technical problems we weren't able to give you the proper survey we described in the December issue. We did however allow you to vote on whether you think the Red Card system has made the quality of uniform at our beloved school better, worse or the same.
Do They Think We Won't Notice?
Well the new year has come but the long-awaited American yellow buses are still not here!
Uniform Debate
We find arguments for both sides of the uniform debate
Now They're Gone
Well OFSTED have now been and gone, and the school is slowly returning to normality. Unfortunately we will have to wait until the end of the month for their first report, a story we will of course be following with great interest.
The School Finally Goes Green
After much campaigning through Student Councils the school has finally decided to start recycling paper separately. This is obviously good news for the environment but it has taken them a long time to sort this out. We are assured that there will be green bins or green sacks in every classroom, we ask you to use the bins and make sure our paper is disposed of in green bins!
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