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GCSE Statistics
You have already probably noticed that it is the time of year when GCSE students begin their statistics investigations.
I Am The Music Man
Overmark has retracted this story as factual inaccuracies have been brought to our attention. It seems the teacher mentioned in the new paper is NOT the 'new' replacement, rather a temporary cover teacher. Overmark apologies for this misinformation and any problems it may have caused.
No, we don mean the Handel suite, but the flooding of the Music department. a burst central heating pipe has ravaged two of the music practice rooms by collapsing ceilings and damaging plasterwork. This was an especially unpleasant scenario due to the fact that several brand new, and very expensive, EMac computers were stored within them. However, as a similar event occurred at this time last year, Overmark asks: could this disaster could have been forecast and prevented?
Hilarity For Charity
At this festive season it is customary to give to those less fortunate than us, and once again the school seems to be getting in on the action with Charity Week, taking over the school from the 15th to the 19th of December. In 2002 we managed to raise over £4000 to donate to our chosen charities, for which we received praise in local newspapers. This year charities are Cancer Research UK and The Cambodia Trust, but will we raise a similar amount for them this year?
Investigating OFSTED
As you are all no doubt aware, we are greeted with the gracious presence of the Ofsted inspectors for one whole week - aren't we lucky!! They are everywhere; in lessons, around school and any other place they can think of. It inevitable, however far you run, they WILL find you.
Where Are The Kiss-o-Grams?
They've done Men In Black, they've done the Pink Ladies, and they've done Wild Wild West - but have the kiss-o-grams now come to the end of the road?
A Score For The Music Department?
Christmas time is fast approaching, and so too is our beloved school Christmas Concert! It a nervous time for all taking part, especially as this is Miss D**r's first chance to organise one. There were worries that this year will lack the great musical quality of previous concerts, however most have now been dismissed; following the excellent standard of what has been rehearsed this week (as most of us using the C & D floors heard). There is however still concern about the gap between rehearsals and performance night, no doubt due to Ofsted's presence, it may be too wide.
Red Cards: Do They Work and Are They Fair?
We want to cover lots of controversial issues in this newsletter; and our first big issue is uniform. Many students would argue that uniform rules here are too strict; and we don't disagree, we intend to look into the issue of the Red Card uniform punishment system. We want to know whether you think it is a fair system and whether you think the system is actually working and improving the appearance of the school body.
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