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Druggies in Assembly
Mr Mudge declares loudly thorugh the tannoy that the Year 10 and 11 assembly would be longer than usual. Little did they know that there would be a pack of police sniffer dogs assisting policemen during a random drug search!
Can't wait for the Wine Ebening!!!
Just like you, we cannot wait for the next exciting PTFA event of the year; a "Wine Ebening" (quoted from Parentmail). For those parents wishing to take part in the ebening, a reply slip was included with the letter and should be returned to the school asap.
New Rules Regarding Food
Just a reminder of the new rules on where to eat. As you should all be aware on 29th September a Year 7 girl had a severe allergic reaction due to the fact that nuts had been eaten in A2. It was just the fact that nuts had been in the room that triggered the reaction. Now the school have stated that NO food is to be consumed in classrooms; you may only eat in the Hall, outside or in the 6th Form Block. I'm sure yoou all know the possible consequences if people disobey this new rule.
The Prefects be askin if we'd kindly be displayin' this here notice. (Updated post-event)
Sports Day is...
Over the summer break we asked you what you thought of Sports Day. We were concerned that a majority of pupils didn't find Sports Day a beneficial experience and that perhaps it was time to stop saying "this is how things have always been done," and think about how we could make things better.
A Few Thoughts for the Summer
Hello again loyal readers! Many apologies for the lack of stories recently, but with year 11 out and year 13 gone things are a bit slow here... We just have a few things we'd like to touch on before leaving you for the summer holidays.
Mr Decker called it a "lucky escape", the fire in the N block girls' toilets caused significant damage, however it could have been much, much worse had the fire spread to the nearby wood-store and science block. The fire was caused by girls smoking in the toilets; the girls involved have been suspended for the time being.
Enterprise Echo ... Echoes of Inside Mark?
It was a struggle to force ourselves to read past the cloned Inside Mark layout and ?style?; but the Enterprise Echo produced by Year 10 as part of their Enterprise Days raised a few issues we would like to discuss briefly.
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