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ActiveBoards all round...
Even more interactive whiteboards are being fitted over the next few weeks, the additional whiteboards should ensure all departments have several at their disposal - and will without a doubt help improve teaching and the cross-curricular use of ICT. Some departments were picked up in the recent Ofsted for not integrating ICT very well; hopefully these boards can help rectify this so long as teachers are trained appropriately.
Where does Overmark go from here?
As we once again wave goodbye to some of our members, Overmark has perhaps reached a junction in its life. We are faced with some serious options about where we go from here.
Simply the Best?
A recent guide congratulates RMGS on being the best school in the area for AS Film Studies, A2 English Literature and AS Ancient History. However the same guide praises the Hundred of Hoo for its A Level manufacturing course, which is the best in Medway - failing to point out it's the only school in Kent which offers said course. One wonders why we're not the best for Science, especially being a Science College... Still, its another certificate to stick on the wall.
Interesting Use of Grammar...
I do hope this some sort of subtle ironic humour... "Please fill in this form if you would like some support with aspects of style or accuracy in your use of English" ... "If you can, attach a photocopy of a recent piece of work which shows the problem, but do not the lack of a suitable piece delay your request"
What Did You Think: Election
We asked who you would vote for in this year's general election, and unlike a certain other poll our results tie in with those obtained by the government and politics students who ran an offical mock election at RMGS. Our poll showed a strong lib-dem preference (perhaps abolition of university fees had a part in that?) with Green, UKIP, and Conservative all beating Labour.
Word of the Week
Students have most certainly not been abstemious in their sabotage of the word of the week; and even the pusillanimous amid us cannot have failed to note the ostensibly fatuous, utilitarian initiative.
Why can't I get on the Internet?
As some of you may already know the school seems to have a new way of keeping people off of Overmark - all users who have recently visited the Overmark website have had their web access revoked. This comes after Overmark posters have been appearing around the school.
Important Safety Information
For those of you who didn't hear the very important tannoy announcement, can we remind all students that they should not, I repeat, NOT, climb on the roof of the school. If they do climb on the roof then they should know that jumping off might hurt.
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