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The Kids on the Bus go "Push, shove, thump!"
A reader poses a question: "Does anybody know why it is that the first years are so desperate to get into school? Every day as the bus draws nearer to the school, they're up and pushing their way to the front to get off first, even before we get to pump lane! Surely school can't be so much fun that it's worth fighting to be first in?"
I Was Nearly Cut To Ribbons By Flying Glass
A reader writes ... Some people think that the damage to the library window was on purpose. Some think it was an accident. Well I can tell you because I was there.
Bog Standards
If you've had a bad experience with toilets at school that has affected your health in some way, then the Bog Standard Initiative would like to hear from you to aid an article being produced by the BBC. You do not need to give your name, and there is the chance your story might be featured on Newsround or Short Change.
Science Investigations
The science department has seen a lot of change over the last term or so, but has it all been for the good? At the end of last year we lost some of the best science teachers this school has ever had; have we been able to maintain that quality of teaching? Has being a Science College actually been advantageous to us?
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D is for Dictator.... (Updated)
Before Christmas we heard rumours that the school was going to rename all of the blocks after scientists, these plans were met with disapproval from several teachers, but despite that recent news suggests its actually going to happen! And now we have confirmation it is going ahead!
Uniform Investigations (Updated)
As the weather turns, we've decided to highlight this story from our archives discussing Sixth Form uniform, in particular the idea that boys cannot wear shorts, while girls can wear skirts. This issue was brought to our attention by a Sixth Form reader.
One Mad Day - Thursday 3rd March
It was with disbelief when I heard that our school was open on Thursday morning. I went down there assuming that I just had not heard the school was closed and wanted to make sure that was the case, yet it was open! A Sixth Former's account of the strangest day at RMGS yet.
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