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Theres no days like snow days.
"We are not going to close the school" said Dr Akehurst at 10:00, then just an hour later the school was official closed due to the poor weather. Quite why is remained open that long is a bit of a mystery to us; the school was understaffed, a fair percentage of the Sixth Form had already gone home and the walkways and roads were lethal. We will update this article as conditions change.
What Did You Think: YE
We asked you which was the best YE (Young Enterprise) company. You responded Placebo 12%, Ebonite 36%, Elite 14% and 32% said you didn't know. Elite hosted a popular event over the half term, Ebonite however have shown that publicity (in the form of their crazy posters), and a popular lower school disco are the best formula for popularity. Placebo havn't yet 'done' anything, we hope they have just been preparing something really special...
Buses (again!)
Promises, promises that just aren't kept. That is the case with the school buses at the moment, not only are the new buses not here yet, but the vandalism hasn't stopped either.
Oh Grow Up! (Updated)
We look at the mass hysteria of the last few lunchtimes. This article has now been updated to include a Year 7 perspective, courtesy of "The Weekly Thingamajig".
Inside Mark: "It nearly doesn't suck"
Inside Mark is improving! Three cheers for Mr Li! There are still problems though. In this article we look at the problems, and the things they are finally getting right - with views from various members of our team.
Being Illiterate Isn't Cool
The people at Connexions are here to take our personal details, process us, and give us advice on our careers. Privacy issues aside, as a person new to the system the thing that hit me first was their literacy, and lack thereof...
The Pips
First they were too old-fashioned, then they were too quiet, and now they've changed them again! In this article we are keeping track with the ever-changing school tannoy system.
One Year On....
One term down, two to go! Yey! We hope you all had a great time at Christmas and didn't get too drunk at New Year! Now this Christmas marked a special anniversary for Overmark too; it was our first birthday! Unfortunately the school didn't get us a present, and we are still banned! However, that aside, it seemed that with the new year upon us, we should take some time to reflect on a year of Overmark.
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