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RMGS Website - Get It Sorted
RMGS has good facilities mostly throughout the school. There are OK text books, mainly good teachers (not the case with all of them - no names) and generally mainly good everything. Apart from one thing. The RMGS website. To put it bluntly, it's rubbish and in need of a complete remake in my eyes.
Congratulations Inside Mark!
What can we say, Well Done Inside Mark, they've produced their best issue yet (perhaps they were checking out our ideas in PDF Things?). Anyway, with virtually no mistakes (although Mrs Baecke's name is spelt wrong!) and a consistent design feel Inside Mark is finally improving to the standards you should expect from a Grammar school. If they get much better, we'll have to start thinking of them as the competition!
What Did You Think: Kissograms
We asked you whether Kissograms should be brought back, and the general consenus was that Yes, they should be, which is rather handy seeing as after much compaining for Year 13, Kissograms are back this year! This year's "theme" is police officers, so watch out! You can buy kissograms in the hall foyer at lunchtime.
We tried... (Updated... With Posters!)
Well, we've done our best, but the school authorities seem determined in their quest to quash free-thinking and individualism. After another meeting with Mr Moore, and further discussion at the Core Team Staff Meeting, it would seem that the School's favourite newspaper, Overmark, is to remain banned forever.
Opinion: What happened to free thought?
As He confirmed in assembly a few days ago, and I have suspected for some time, pupils' marks for analysis and evaluations have been dropping over the last few years - I've been thinking about reasons for this.
Do You Really Want To Hurt Me...
No offence to the people who are planning a dance to bands such as "Sugababes" and "Girls Aloud", for the Rock 'n' Roll concert, but won't it be a bit tedious? Every year around 3/4 of the acts are by various groups of people dancing to various manufactured pop bands.
The Great Loo Review: A Follow-Up!
Earlier in the year we reported on the, frankly disgusting, state of some of the school's toilets, and also on the accusations of sexism in the distribution of toilet paper. Overmark has learnt that the Medway Youth Parliament has also been investigating school toilets, and we combined results to see how, and if, RMGS has cleaned-up its act since our first report.
What Did You Think: School Fund
After lots of suspicious voting we can at last reveal the results of the "Should we pay a School Fund?" poll. Were we to take the literal votes then over 1300 people would have voted - we would remind you that we can see voting patterns, and easily deal with any obviously wrong numbers.
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