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Mr Mudge's Assemblies Declared Bananas!
We all know that assemblies can be boring at the best of times, but when Mr Mudge decided to talk about bananas for the assembly I didn't know whether to laugh or cry!
The Naughty Voters Strike Again!
Please remember that this is our website - Cheating in our polls is not allowed! Many of you may have seen the poll rise from 3 to 1033 is less than half an hour; well we now know who did it. Thanks for coming clean ...
Investigating: The School Fund
With the new academic year upon us, the time has come to pay the school fund again. But why should we? Isn't education supposed to be free? Where does the money go? These are a few questions we hope to look at in this edition of the "investigating" series.
What Did You Think: OM Vs IM
We asked you which was best, Overmark or the 'Other' school newspaper. The results were a landslide victory... for us! The final scores were: 92% said Overmark was better, while 8% said Inside Mark was. Hahahahaha.
Wisdom on your home PC!
New from Overmark, and in co-operation with SAPS, we are please to announce the Official Release of "Overmark Words of Wisdom" for the PC. This desktop application can provide you with daily bits of uselessness for years to come...
Overmark assumes control of Inside Mark
We?re sorry, but we couldn?t stand it any longer? Something has to be done about Inside Mark ? it?s an embarrassment to our school. But don?t fear! Overmark is still here! We may have been banned from printing our own paper, but we feel obliged to help Inside Mark out.
Poetry Corner: RESPECT (updated!)
We saw that the year nines had come up with some beautiful poems based on the word "respect". Seeing how respectful the school were to their pupil's rights, we felt inspired to contribute.
The Rotten Fruits of Labour
Most schools have processes in which they reward their pupils for doing good pieces of work; be it merit marks, house points, or commendations. But nobody cares.
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