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"Should we reveal our year 13 team?"
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What Did You Think: Anonymity?
We had a poll running asking if you wanted to see the names of Overmark members released publicly. The actual results are lost with the database crash, but the general gist of your opinion is that you did NOT want us to reveal who we are. The votes were something like 70% in favour of anonymity, 10% against with 20% undecided.
!!! Overmark is Banned (Again) !!!
On Friday 17th September, at approximately 3:45PM Overmark was banned in a meeting between our contact, and Mr Moore. The decision was to be final. Please note that this DOES NOT mean that you are banned from looking at our website, or talking about us, or supporting us, or working for us. It simply means that we cannot distribute or publicise Overmark within RMGS. Long Live Freedom....
For those who are new here
Those of you in year 7 probably don't know about us, so let's introduce ourselves...
Save The Trees
Save our trees....
Why have we e-mailed you?
Well, the simple truth is we are banned from publicising the fact that we have been banned (has the school got something to be ashamed of?) and therefore needed to find a way of letting people know what had happened. We certainly didn't want to disappear into nowhere without telling anyone. We apologise if you found the e-mail offensive, misleading, annoying etc and promise that we will never do it again.
Summer Summary
A roundup of news over the summer
An Apology ?!?
In our May issue, under the "Stupid Things Teachers Have Said" section we printed this: We also got lots of quotes regarding one English teacher; a quote from one of his reports reads "pupil needs to improve his speeling" and being an English teacher he even decided to make up a whole new word "positivism"
ActivBoards - The Future of Education ?
As you cannot fail to have noticed the interactive whiteboards, known as ActivBoards have been breeding and new ones keep appearing all over the school. Until about a month ago the only one the school had was used by Mr Riordan, but the boards seem to be a success and recently new ones have been fitted in Geography, English, ICT and Business Studies rooms, as well as this more are planned for History and other departments.
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