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Assemblies - What Did You Think?
The votes are in, and after perhaps a disappointingly low number of votes (which perhaps speaks for itself in saying that assemblies really aren that important to you) we are pleased to bring you the results.
Investigating: Sexism In The PE Department
As promised in this issue we are looking deeper into the issue of sexism, this time within the PE department. The areas of discussion fall into three categories: Facilities, sports, and teaching
Medway has just received the largest launch of a fleet of buses the UK has ever seen, with 61 brand new buses and 40 refurbished buses all being launched on the same day, Monday 14th June.
Sexism & Uniform
It was reported on BBC South East News, that a year eleven student attempted to challenge the sexist uniform rules at his school by wearing a skirt to school. The school (which we shall leave unnamed) responded to the stunt by placing the pupil in isolation for all of his GCSE exams that day.
Sixth Form Is Saved!
The Learning and Skills Council has now announced that it has scrapped all proposals to change the delivery of sixth form education in Medway. This means that for now at least the school sixth form is completely safe! The school authorities, Medway Council and the majority of the student body are all reported to be pleased with the outcome.
Uniform Blitz
Wee in the midst of exams at the moment, and with year 11 off the school took the opportunity to have a blitz on uniform. The blitz ended as the recent hot weather began (coincidence? I think not), during this period any pupil spotted not wearing their uniform correctly was put in automatic lunchtime detention. Mr Moore commented that over two hundred and fifty detentions were issued for uniform during the period (that approximately a third of all pupils). The blitz seems to have been a success with most years smartening up.
A Step In The Right Direction
We reported that your preferred solution to the uniform dilemma was to adopt a casual uniform or to totally abolish uniform. You preferred our current uniform to a primary School uniform, and someone must be listening because St John Fisher has just changed its uniform from a primary School uniform to a blazer and shirt. Although its by no means perfect it a step in the right direction.
Don't Forget
Don Forget School Starts Thursday 2nd September (except for new year 12s who must come in at 2:00 on the 1st Sept.) Also new year 7's will be starting late as usual.
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