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Investors in People?
In a recent evaluation the school did not meet the full requirements of the new Investors In People standard. We have been assured that this is not unusual because of the new criteria of the standard. It does however mean the school is placed in a 6 month probationary period in which it must show it is making headway to meet the full requirements. We have been told that the school failed on minor issues, including confusion about the role of middle management, and inconsistencies in the induction of support staff.
We?re Back!
We?re back! Yes, despite hefty opposition from the powers-that-be we have briefly returned, because we couldn?t bear it any longer. To be honest we have no permission to be printing and distributing this paper anymore, but that doesn?t stop you reading it!
Whiteboards Whiteboards Everywhere...
In one final push this summer all remaining rooms should be fitted with Interactive Whiteboards. We have reported before on the benefits of these when we spoke to the first user of them at RMGS?Mr Riordan. Since then Interactive Whiteboards have really taken off, and our school will be joining many others to have them in every single room. Obviously this has huge potential for integrating ICT in all subjects, but the implementation of this will not be without resistance from some subjects and teachers.
Overmark Got Hacked
We apologise for any problems you may have had with the site in the last few weeks, unbeknown to us the database which powers this site had been hacked causing none of the site content to display correctly, and users of Internet Explorer may have experienced problems with their browser crashing when trying to view the site. We have fixed the exploit they used, and changed all our passwords, so hopefully it won't happen again...
Interview with Mr Slowe
Mr Slowe the previous Network Manager left back in December of last year, before he did so we were able to have a brief chat with him about his time at Rainham Mark and some of the changes that had taken place to the ICT system during his time with us.
Red Cards Mark II
If you are in years 7-11 you will no doubt be aware of the new uniform system implemented this term. The new system involves students carrying a card, which teachers then sign if they see the pupil with incorrect uniform. Staff are said to be very impressed with the impact this new system is having on the general appearance of the school body, however there are always those for whom no system will have an effect.
A Christmas Update
Its been a slow term here at Overmark, we spent some time at the beginning of this academic year trying to get ourselves re-instated as a school newspaper. We were even prepared to reveal the identities of our editorial team, however our contact was told there was no need for two school newspapers - and that we would all be better off submitting our work to Inside Mark! That did make us laugh...
Not 'Old' or 'Golden' enough?
After 32 years as a teacher at RMGS, coupled with 7 years here as a student Mr Lydon knows perhaps better than anyone else how this school has evolved over the years. As he and Mrs Lydon retired this year they were disgruntled at not having been contacted by Inside Mark for an interview. However Mr Lydon felt he could come to us to be guaranteed an accurate representation of his opinion. He writes...
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