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Inside Mark
Well, we took the latest issue of "Inside Mark" (thats the official school newpaper) and we've summarised everything useful or interesting we felt it had to say (and it all fits on this one page). We work through the stories, one at a time going from top left to bottom right:
Are Your Files and E-Mails Safe?
One of the first things taught to pupils in ICT lessons is basic security - things like "don't write down your passwords". However, even the most well protected passwords can be made useless by simple human error.
Assemblies: What Should They Be Like?
Love them or hate them assemblies are a legal requirement for all schools; however according to the latest statistics from Ofsted over a third of all schools do not meet the statutory legal requirements.
Sexism Within RMGS: The Great Loo Review
You wouldn't think that in our current society there would be real examples of sexism; especially not at school. However that's not what our research has concluded. We've found that there are several areas of school life where pupils are still discriminated against according to gender.
I Saw A Mouse!
There have been sightings of mice in the music, science, DT and art departments. Pest control have also been seen in the area. We apologise for the lousy rhyme!
Nothing But The Kitchen Sink
Well the sixth form common room has now been refurbished, complete with its new kitchen which comprises of a sink and a hot drinks vending machine. Its hardly what we were expecting, but we do appreciate it. Apart from that the room now has a new floor and new furniture which has helped create a better atmosphere for working and relaxing. We hope to see a similar refurbishment for the small adjoining computer room soon!
Ofsted Update
Ofsted have proposed that rather than giving six weeks notice of an inspection they will only give a few days warning. The idea is that teachers are forced to keep their planning and marking up to date as Ofsted could drop in any time!
Give Up On Yellow Buses?
We have been given some interesting statistics on the Yellow (or not) Bus system. The statistics, gathered by Year 11, show the average speed of each mode of transport on the way to school. It shows that the average speed of the School Bus is just 4.5 mph. Compare this to an average of 4.7 mph for walking, 11.7 mph for a car and 7.3 mph for an Arriva Bus and you begin to wonder if we should even bother with the bus system?
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