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Science Exodus
It would seem that now head of Science, Mr Gukhool, ICT within Science co-ordinator: Mr Riordan and Mr Wallace have worked their magic and earned our school its Science College status, they're off to work elsewhere. As well as this Mr Gulston is retiring. All of this leaves us wondering if wee going to have any experienced teachers left in the science department! The school informs us that three of the vacancies have already been filled by well qualified replacements and interviews for head of science will begin before half term.
Save our Sixth Form!
As you have probably read in the letter home (another last pupil post letter!) we as a school are currently facing a crisis regarding our sixth form. The government body the Learning and Skills Council is currently consulting as to the future of education for 16-19 year olds in Medway. One of the more likely outcomes of this consultation is the merging of the sixth forms at Rainham Mark, the Howard and Rainham Girls into one Sixth Form Centre.
Awards, Awards and Yet More Awards
Our beloved Rainham Mark Grammar School has, as well as receiving a shining Ofsted report, been awarded two prestigious statuses. But what do they actually mean, and what effect will they have on us, the student body?
Healthy Eating Bites Back?
Well as you probably know no black fizzy drinks are now sold in the refectory; if this is really a move towards healthier living why is it that they still sell Fanta and Sprite which contain more sugar than diet Coke. In fact why sell Ribena? We looked and a bottle of Ribena contains 70g of sugar (thats about 14%) whereas diet Coke contains only a trace of sugar (that less than 0.5g).
Investigating Mobile Phones:
According to our student planners mobile phones are not allowed in school for lower and middle school students. However we ask why is this rule in place? As far as we can see there are three possible reasons for not allowing mobile phones:
So What Did YOU Think About ... UNIFORM ?
We hosted a unique survey into what you thought should be done about uniform at RMGS; here are the results:
Fancy Being Paid To Attend School?
Sound cool? Well that exactly what's happening in schools in Manchester. It's all part of the battle against truancy, over 50,000 of us bunk each day. The idea is that all pupils are put into a draw, and at the end of the week six pupils are drawn out, and each given a cash prize. However, if one of the pupils drawn is a truant then nobody gets any prize that week.
random Drug Testing
Abbey School in Faversham is now the first school in Kent to perform random drugs testing. 12 other schools in Kent currently rely on random Police visits and sniffer dogs to check for possession of drugs. The difference with Abbey School is that the tests will be performed by teachers, randomly and will test mouth swabs or urine.
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