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We Want Your Help!
We want to bring you a special Words of Wisdom in the next issue; and we need your help. We want to compile a list of stupid and funny things teachers have said: intentionally or not! To take part please send us the quote by e-mail or text. We do not want to know the teacher name or department, this is not about shaming teachers.
Overmark In Action
We have now seen the arrival of the green bins, and we can reveal that it is as a direct result of Overmark that there is now a green bin in the Art Department. However, the green bins look very unstable and we seriously doubt they will actually last very long before breaking, collapsing or falling over!
Just so you know...
Well there are still no yellow buses (you may have forgotten but they were promised for January). Just so you know, this is what yellow actually looks like: YELLOW. good eh? ED> Erm, no colour support yet, sorry ^^;; -- WebZombie, OMDB Admin
Crisis for the ICT Department?
We can reveal that both Mr Blair and Mr Ratcliffe have left their positions as the ICT technicians. Both technicians left for separate reasons but we ask where will this leave the department now? We have concerns that as there is now no technician and with no replacement available in the short term what will happen to the computer system?
Investigating Cannabis
The aim of this article is not to patronise you about why you shouldn't take illegal drugs, rather our aim is to inform you about the facts, and about the new legal implications. We're not going to pretend that none of you have smoked cannabis, we just want to let you know what will happen to you if you are caught. In the same way this article should serve to warn potential users about what they are letting themselves in for.
Top Up Fees
As you are no doubt aware the Labour Government got its way (just) and the white paper for Top Up Fees passed through Parliament. It will now be analysed by a committee before returning to Parliament for a second reading. However most agree that the bill will be passed by the summer and despite opposition we will ultimately have to start paying top up fees. But when, and how much? We have tried to outline the facts surrounding top up fees as well as offering our view of the situation. Remember the changes will take place in 2006 so this will affect years 12 and below; but not year 13.
Uniform: Is There An Alternative?
In our previous issues we have explored how our school deals with uniform, and the idea of abolishing uniform completely. In this Issue we want to put forward the last alternative; a better uniform. We also want to know what you think, we have placed a survey on our website so we can find out what YOU think should be done about uniform at our beloved school.
Overmark Now Endorsed By School!!!
Well following the capture of one of our lead reporters the school has been showing some resistance to our paper, following our controversial Good-Teacher-Bad-Teacher story in the February Issue. The school claimed our paper was operating illegally by firstly violating the data protection act and secondly by violating publishing laws as we chose to remain anonymous. The school said that by allowing us to continue they were leaving themselves open to prosecution... and that we ourselves were also liable.
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