Overmark assumes control of Inside Mark

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We?re sorry, but we couldn?t stand it any longer? Something has to be done about Inside Mark ? it?s an embarrassment to our school. But don?t fear! Overmark is still here! We may have been banned from printing our own paper, but we feel obliged to help Inside Mark out.
Although we can do nothing about the quality of their journalism (although if any Inside Mark reporters fancy turning to the ?dark side?, do let us know and we can help you become an Overmark reporter), what we can change is the editing. This month?s (monthly issues? half-termly issues? Does anyone know?) saw a new low for the quality of editing, with Microsoft Publisher Design Objects making up the front page, and so many spelling and grammar mistakes we started to doubt whether it was the English department behind the paper!

So what is Overmark doing about it? Well firstly we?ve highlighted most of the mistakes in the current issue, which should help the English Department see where they are going wrong ? you can see this here. Secondly we?ve re-written and re-edited the issue, correcting most of the mistakes both with the language and with the design.

What we want you to do is confiscate dodgy copies of Inside Mark, and print out copies of our version ? which you can find here.

Basically Overmark has had enough of having its high-quality journalism banned, whilst the rubbish churned out by Inside Mark is force-fed down pupils? throats. If we can?t distribute our own news, we can at least improve the quality of the existing news. We find it so ironic that we, the ?exiled? reporters, shunned by the English Department, have to point out the countless mistakes the department have made in their own publication.

We should say at this point that we mean no personal insult to any of the Inside Mark reporters; the main fault seems to be at a proof-reading and editing level.


--See what we had to say about the current issue of Inside Mark, see our corrections, criticisms and comments!

--See Overmark's copy of Inside Mark... its supposed to be a leg-up for Inside Mark... something to help them understand the laws of design!