The Rotten Fruits of Labour

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Most schools have processes in which they reward their pupils for doing good pieces of work; be it merit marks, house points, or commendations. But nobody cares.
Each stands for the same thing, and represents an outstanding act of sucking up. As most of you know, the opportunity to collect commendations for copy and pasting work from the internet is available. Although the further up the school you go, the more people realise how worthless they are, the younger students are still happily deluded that they're worth something.

The top two commendation collectors of year 7 were interviewed, and gave the advice that was drilled into them - "arbeit mach frei". That certainly isn't a lie to make you work harder, and neither is "You get what you give"; The average commendation works out to be worth just under a quater of a penny - certainly fair pay for several hours of hard work!

(With apologies to Inside Mark and the original author, who we won't name due to strict anonymity policies - It was a lovely article, we just felt it was a little biased, so we told the other side of the story)