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This unofficial newsletter is produced for pupils by pupils, it does not necessarily reflect the views of our beloved school's management. The comments and opinions stated here are those of the members of Overmark and do not necessarily dictate an official Overmark stance on an issue. This site is also built and maintained by pupils of the aforementioned school and similarly this site is not school endorsed.
Throughout this site we have removed specific references to teacher's names, and referred to them by other names. This is done where we either do not have the teacher's permission to use their name or have decided it best for legal reasons to censor their name.

Overmark apologises that occasionally factual inaccuracies may be published, we aim to provide you with the truth but occasionally we do make mistakes. If you have any problems with the site or paper please contact us.

Overmark reserves the right to retract any stories or articles which it later sees as inappropriate or factually incorrect. Notices of retractions or corrections will be posted on our website.

Privacy Policy
We reserve the right to publish any texts, messages or e-mails we receive either on our website or in our newspaper. We will not publish your name or e-mail address, nor will we keep this data on any kind of database or record it in any other way. If you want to be referred to by a specific pseudonym please state this in your message. Throughout our site or paper we may censor personal details or the names of involved organisations to 'protect the innocent' or if we receive complaints.

Your Comments
Your comments are very important to us, however please appreciate that we cannot publish all of your opinions. We reserve the right to censor any part of your message which we view to be inappropriate, factually incorrect or vindictive. We may also abridge or paraphrase your work, but this will be stated alongside the comments.

The creators of this paper and website have chosen to remain anonymous. It is our opinion that we have the right to remain anonymous to prevent this paper interfering with our school life. One of our members is now acting as a contact for the school so that any serious problems can be dealt with on a more formal level.

Phone Line
The mobile telephone number provided is maintained and owned by a member of our team. The phone is privately owned and is using the Virgin Mobile network. All calls and SMS messages sent are charged at normal rate, and calls and texts from other Virgin Mobile customers are charged at a reduced rate. We allow you to send SMS or voicemail messages to us, but we point out that we will not answer any calls to the phone.