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New from Overmark, and in co-operation with SAPS, we are please to announce the Official Release of "Overmark Words of Wisdom" for the PC. This desktop application can provide you with daily bits of uselessness for years to come...
This small, easy to use program is:

* Skinable, with more skins available online.

* Customisable, virtually all aspects are changeable and flexible.

* Easy to use, with a simple interface for users of all technical abilities.

* Expandable, with the option to add your own entries and to update your program over the internet.

* Sharable, with the option to send us your modified database so we share it with everyone else.

* Free!!! No hidden costs, no annoying adds, pop-ups or messages - totally 100% freeware.

See a screenshot here, and another here !

Download and Requirements

There are several download options available, depending on your needs. To review the options please click here. You can also use that link for help on the installation.

-- SmallPackage
--Full Package
--Additional System Files Package

(We apologise but the Additional System Files package may not always be available due to its heavy bandwidth usage.)


We want Overmark Daily Words of Wisdom to be an on-going open-source project. Currently it is written in Visual Basic, but this need only be a temporary solution. If you would like a copy of the source code, or if you would like to contribute to the project, contact us!

Online Update
Currently the online update and database sharing facility is unavailable due to low interest.