The Naughty Voters Strike Again!

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Please remember that this is our website - Cheating in our polls is not allowed! Many of you may have seen the poll rise from 3 to 1033 is less than half an hour; well we now know who did it. Thanks for coming clean ...
You may have noticed the rather extreme voting which occured between 3:30 and 3:45 on Tuesday November 2nd. In this time the votes on our poll "Should we pay a school fund?" managed to rise by over 1000 in these fifteen minutes. We knew the only place this could be happening was within the school system, but we've since had a confession from some very sorry students.

It was two people in Year 11. They told us that they were proving just how easy it is to ruin this voting system. They had no idea that the schools voting rights were unlimited! Both thought the voting system had collapsed yet again. It was something to do before Miss X and Miss Y had to attend Parents Evening. They were merely proving a point. They didn't intend to vote "Yes" over one thousand times, they actually think we SHOULDN'T pay the school fund and they are both very very sorry for what they have done. They just wanted to show how easily the voting system could be abused by... lets say... a teacher?

For future reference it should be pointed out that our voting system normally only allows each computer to vote once per poll. The only exception to this is the school, which has to be allowed to vote more than once (otherwise only one person in the whole school would be allowed to vote!). What was shown in our previous poll is that users who have a dial-up modem may be able to vote more than once, however we can see the similar network addresses, and edit these "cheats" out when we publish the final results.