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Christmas time is fast approaching, and so too is our beloved school Christmas Concert! It a nervous time for all taking part, especially as this is Miss D**r's first chance to organise one. There were worries that this year will lack the great musical quality of previous concerts, however most have now been dismissed; following the excellent standard of what has been rehearsed this week (as most of us using the C & D floors heard). There is however still concern about the gap between rehearsals and performance night, no doubt due to Ofsted's presence, it may be too wide.
The concert line up includes Big Band, Recorder Ensemble and carols in which the audience will be asked to sing as well! There will also be a String Ensemble and the ever-popular Mrs J**ks. It promises to be an immensely
enjoyable evening, full of festive cheer and good music; so much so that tickets had been completely sold out within a week of going on sale. This, although demonstrating the anticipation with which the event comes, is disappointing for those who wished to buy tickets closer to the event.

Sadly; although he has only been a member of our beloved school staff since September, Mr M**hin is leaving for the dizzying heights of Rainham School For Girls, an action that is rumoured to have caused a divide between music students and Mr Decker, who is greatly unhappy at the short time Mr M**hin has been working here. Despite this, Mr M**hin has been praised for his efforts to improve the school music department environment. He has started String Ensemble, Vocal Group and has been keenly aiding students worried about looming music exams. He will be sorely missed, and Overmark wishes him the best of luck at Rainham Girls.