Mr Mudge's Assemblies Declared Bananas!

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We all know that assemblies can be boring at the best of times, but when Mr Mudge decided to talk about bananas for the assembly I didn't know whether to laugh or cry!
He started with "There are two types of bananas...bananas and bananas." I burst out laughing with a few other people. I couldn't help it, the man was talking about bananas! Mr Mudge proceeded with his banana talk which, I must add, did include some Fair Trade issues.

Then he went on about rape seed! Despite this long and slightly odd talk Mr Mudge declared "There is absolutley NO moral or message in this assembly." Everyone groaned at this statement (naturally!) because we all thought "Isn't that why we have assemblies in the first place?"

However, Mr Moore led a rather touching assembly this month. He said "When you all leave school I want you to HATE prosecution. I mean REALLY hate it!" These were strong words! Also, Mr Moore said "I also want you to stand up for yourselves. And yes I know we are all used to being told what to do, but once you're out of school I want you to be strong!" Wow, that was one brilliant assembly!