Where Are The Kiss-o-Grams?

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They've done Men In Black, they've done the Pink Ladies, and they've done Wild Wild West - but have the kiss-o-grams now come to the end of the road?
Every year, for at least the last 7 years, the sixth form have put on their cheap lippie and set out to embarrass pupils by leaving tell-tale lip marks all over them, but why are they stopping now?

Our sources indicate that the school has banned the kiss-o-grams and prevented this year 6th form from running the popular event.

Our sources indicate that after an incident involving a lower-school pupil a parent pointed out to the school that it claims to be a non-contact school, and by promoting the kissing the school was being hypocritical. Details of this incident are sketchy and we don't want to shame people involved; however we ask why this enterprise which raises hundreds of pounds a year has to be stopped?

We can appreciate that to some pupils the kiss-o-grams can be quite scary, but they have to be taken in the right spirit, they are after all just a laugh.