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Well, we've done our best, but the school authorities seem determined in their quest to quash free-thinking and individualism. After another meeting with Mr Moore, and further discussion at the Core Team Staff Meeting, it would seem that the School's favourite newspaper, Overmark, is to remain banned forever.
The Core Team are sticking by their decision that Overmark cannot be distributed on School premises unless the Overmark reporters, editors and members reveal their identities to everyone. Overmark has made it quite clear on numerous occasions that the anonymity is something we simply will not back down on.

If you would like to be an active participant in the publicising of Overmark, or become a reporter pleae let us know. Also, if you are part of Young Enterprise we would love to hear from you to discuss advertising deals.

Overmark is currently producing some lovely publicity posters, which we of course cannot distribute, but YOU can! We urge you to print a few of our posters and display them wherever you please (why even use your own printers when the school has plenty of good ones...). Posters will be added as they are produced, feel free to send in your own ideas.

Poster Set One (Quotes)
Poster Set Two (Bart Simpson)

More expected soon!