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As you are all no doubt aware, we are greeted with the gracious presence of the Ofsted inspectors for one whole week - aren't we lucky!! They are everywhere; in lessons, around school and any other place they can think of. It inevitable, however far you run, they WILL find you.
Seriously now though, these inspectors do have a job to do, and to do it they have to inspect what they see of the school.

The question is are they getting the full picture of what our beloved school is really like or is the wool being pulled over their eyes? For a couple of weeks now, staff have been frantically redecorating classrooms with pretty posters, students work and some have even splashed out with new sets of blinds. Of course these posters aren't new to most of us as they also magically appear on the walls just before Open Day. How can the inspectors make an honest judgement of the school when they have no idea about how the school is run?

A few teachers (mentioning no names!) have become desperate enough to resort to telling pupils to raise their left hands if they don't know the answer and their right hands if they do know the answer, making them all appear intelligent, whilst allowing the teacher to decipher who has the correct answer. How ridiculous is that!

Of course it has to be said that having Ofsted around does have advantages; I'm sure I'm not the only one who has noticed a significant improvement in the quality of some teachers!

It has to be said though that not all teachers are panicking; after all why should they panic if they are all dong their jobs properly in the first place?

Oh, one more point. Isn't it a coincidence that just before Ofsted arrive new signs appear around the school - how strange, it is as if Ofsted were royalty!

This whole Ofsted lark is just so false that we at Overmark don't see the point in it. If Ofsted really want a true view of the school they should show up WITHOUT WARNING to inspect the school. Now that really would panic the staff, but at least Ofsted would get a crystal clear view of the school. Some (mostly teachers it has to be said) argue that Ofsted learn to see through the changes and can still get a true view of the school; we are not saying that they don do this; rather that their job could be made a lot easier by scrapping the warning.