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At this festive season it is customary to give to those less fortunate than us, and once again the school seems to be getting in on the action with Charity Week, taking over the school from the 15th to the 19th of December. In 2002 we managed to raise over £4000 to donate to our chosen charities, for which we received praise in local newspapers. This year charities are Cancer Research UK and The Cambodia Trust, but will we raise a similar amount for them this year?
Many of the regular events will still be taking place, such as the teacher vs. pupil pillow-fight, and the Generation Game, where teachers, including Mr W**dle, Mrs J**ks and Mr B**en, undertake pointless and slightly degrading tasks in a departmental grudge-match. The Rock Roll Show is back again too, and is forecast to be one of the best yet. According to Overmark sources, the only familiar feature of Charity Week that will not take place this year is Kiss-o-grams, a decision that has caused friction between students and senior members of staff.

Despite this, Charity Week still promises to be a great success, and, with your help and generosity, can really make a difference in the world this Christmastime.