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RMGS has good facilities mostly throughout the school. There are OK text books, mainly good teachers (not the case with all of them - no names) and generally mainly good everything. Apart from one thing. The RMGS website. To put it bluntly, it's rubbish and in need of a complete remake in my eyes.
When I first came to the school many a year ago the website was very different, for one thing it looked like a professional website, with organised pages, lots of colour and clever little details which made it even better.

However, the website was re-done by pupils of the school in some sort of club. Yes, it does look like a few Year 7s with the help of one of the ICT staff have done it. The homepage is bland and very ordinary, the links never change and are very simple - not flashy or interesting and there is no colour scheme either. Also, certain links have either been unfinished and have nothing of any use. There are some good things like the Drama department's photographs of performances they have done (although they are years out of date), and the Headteacher's newsletter (which hasn't changed since February and we get it all in our registers anyway - despite the fact ParentMail is supposed to deal with that kind of thing). I'm not saying our website has not got lots of information on it, it just needs to be updated more often and better organised.

Clearly improvements need to be made. A school's website should be full of up to date information on events taking place, information on subjects at the school with focus on GCSE and AS/A2 students. It should also have handy advice for problems students or parents might have. There are a myriad of other things the website could have. Ultimately it should provide every bit of information on the school and everything a student/parent/teacher would need. At the very least it should be easy to use and look professional. It is part of the image of the school to outsiders. Pants website = pants school?

I have looked at other school websites including the Howard and Rochester Maths, and their websites are much more professional looking and organised. Above all they promote a good school. Whereas our website does not promote a professional image like other ones.

The ICT department needs to re-vamp our school website to improve its reliabilty to those who use it and need to use it. If they are not talented enough in their field to do a better job, then we need someone who can!!
(Update) - 2006-01-07 at 15:42
The site has been updated to something vaguely more appropriate, but its still a long way from being \"Good\". --An OM Member