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One term down, two to go! Yey! We hope you all had a great time at Christmas and didn't get too drunk at New Year! Now this Christmas marked a special anniversary for Overmark too; it was our first birthday! Unfortunately the school didn't get us a present, and we are still banned! However, that aside, it seemed that with the new year upon us, we should take some time to reflect on a year of Overmark.
You can read a more detailed history of Overmark in the ?Our History? section on the side, here we will only touch on the highs and the lows.

Well Overmark began back in December 2003 as a response to what we felt was a change in the atmosphere of the school. The first issue was, of course, first released to coincide with the Ofsted inspection and things grew from there.

One of the key factors in our forming was Inside Mark; we saw their issues, we laughed, but then we thought... is that really the best a Grammar School can do? We wanted to show that our pupils are better than that. We attempted to make an educated but fun paper, accessible by all but really aimed at upper school. We covered issues which mattered to us, and hopefully you as well, ranging from School Uniform to drugs testing, and by having the website to support the paper we were able to run polls online and judge your opinion as never before.

Unfortunately our success was short-lived and days after we released our second issue in January the school were after us. One of our lead reporters was ?caught? and resigned remaining only as a contact for the school to save their own school career. To this day no other principal Overmark members have been ?caught?, something we are rather proud of. From February to September the school and Overmark remained in relative harmony, we were allowed to continue however the school got to see the papers before they were mass-produced. This arrangement worked for us both, with just one now infamous article ever being ?censored?.

This academic year brought a new challenge with it though, our Contact went to a meeting with Mr Moore to discuss Overmark organising several events for Charity Week, and was told that the paper was banned, totally, forever, unless all of the members of Overmark revealed who they were. Well, Overmark?s stand on anonymity is clear ? it is better for us all to keep our identities secret, so we were banned.

Despite resentment from some of the staff, we are very proud of the fact that we have been able to keep both pupils and staff amused and engaged not only in our stories but also in the "plight" of Overmark. Many teachers have congratulated us on our initiative and dedication, as well as our literary and publishing skills, some commenting that it is this kind of behaviour that the school should be encouraging, not quashing.

But have they stopped us? The very fact you are reading this proves it has not! Underground distribution chains have been helping us get copies of key articles, as well as advertisement-posters around the school, and hits to our website have sky-rocketed since August. And what of the future? Well continual nagging at Mr Moore hasn?t helped at all, and we are resigned to remaining online only for the foreseeable future. We are always welcoming new members into our ranks so even when the originals leave (whenever that may be, not as soon as some teachers might like!) Overmark can continue.