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First they were too old-fashioned, then they were too quiet, and now they've changed them again! In this article we are keeping track with the ever-changing school tannoy system.
Thursday 6th: Ah! The Pips! What have they done?
WHAT have they done to the pips? Not content with <PIP PIP PIP PIP PIP> we've got <PLIP PLIP PLIP> now. Not only do they sound so silly, they are way too quiet. Why change what didn't need changing anyway? Teachers and pupils alike are unimpressed with the new sound, we've heard nothing but complaints about them all week. Lets hope they change them back soon!

Friday 7th: Yeh! The Pips! They Have Done It!
We all know the pips are different but they have changed for the better! The old pips were too expressionless and plain but the new pips are quite cute in my opinion. They have a happy tune to them! Plus they sound more modern than than the previous pips. We have new laboratories, loo-roll holders (yes!) and new teachers so why not have new pips? It makes a pleasant change! If only they could turn the volume up a tad then they would be perfect!

Friday 14th: Now what have they done?
They've been changed again! Why? Now they just sound like a reversing warning on a truck or something! In my opinion these latest pips last too long and will soon become very annoying. On a slightly different note, who has heard the new fire siren? Its hillarious, there's actually a voice that politely informs you that its time to leave the building!

Poll results: "Do you like the new pips?"
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