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We look at the mass hysteria of the last few lunchtimes. This article has now been updated to include a Year 7 perspective, courtesy of "The Weekly Thingamajig".
?A new low,? is how Mrs Edwards described the events of the last few days, something I for one totally agree with. If you have been living in a cave, then what I am referring to is the mass hysteria we saw on Tuesday and Wednesday lunchtimes. What actually happened is sketchy, and we have heard many somewhat elaborated stories, but the official version of events is that on Tuesday, a few boys from the Howard School came down at lunchtime in an attempt to ?beat someone up,? they never ?got their man? and swore to return after being chased off site. On Wednesday rumours that many Howard boys were coming caused most of lower school to run around in a mix of fright, excitement and anticipation. Nobody did show up on Wednesday, and all the hysteria was for nothing.

We feel that this is a prime example of people just needing to grow up! Is it really that exciting? The crowds of people only caused more danger then there would have been if there really had been Howard boys at the gates with baseball bats! Overmark advises the application of some common sense, if there was a problem, then the School or Police would deal with it, there is no need for everyone to run around like headless chickens.

So far as I am concerned this is also another example of the changing face of Lower School. I am not blaming all the events of the last few days on just Lower School, since Upper School and Sixth Form were involved and to blame as well, however it was mainly crowds of lower school causing the main problems. On a more general note it seems to be that Lower School are just ruder than they used to be, not holding doors open, saying ?thank you? and other bits of ?normal? etiquette. I?m sure it?s not just me getting older, as this is a view I share with many other people, across the school (both teachers and pupils). Quite what we do about this issue I don?t know, it seems to be a shift in society rather than in our school in particular. Blame Tony, that?s easiest...

A Year 7 Perspective

On Tuesday 1st February, 5 Howards were spotted walking through the school gates and across the fields; a mob of people following them. Apparently someone was punched on their way through. Mr Decker and Mr Windle were seen trying to sort things out. Mr Decker told everyone to go back onto the playground.

Unfortunately, the Howards got away over the gate at the far end of the football pitch, however, Mr Decker has been in contact with the school and we have been told that if we see anyone from The Howard School again we should alert a member of staff as quickly as possible and not to take matters into our own hands again. We have also been told by Mr Windle that we are not allowed to attack or in any way harm, anyone from The Howard in our school uniform - so effectively this means we are allowed to do anything we want to them in our own clothes.

Overmark reminds its readers that this is an opinion from one of its members, and does not reflect on the wishes of Overmark as an organisation, which does not ever advocate violence. Our legal advisor also wishes to point out that while being out of uniform may slightly lessen the trouble from RMGS, the police can still get involved with no problem.