D is for Dictator.... (Updated)

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Before Christmas we heard rumours that the school was going to rename all of the blocks after scientists, these plans were met with disapproval from several teachers, but despite that recent news suggests its actually going to happen! And now we have confirmation it is going ahead!
Back in February the following homework task was set to all year 7s:

You are required to attach to each block letter a word with a scientific theme.

For example, you could use scientists. So you would have to find Scientists whose names begin with an A, C, D, etc.

Or you might choose to name the blocks after planets and stars, again keeping the same first letter, or you could choose to name them after different chemical elements or scientific theories.

The choice is yours!

Extra credit will be given if the name you give to the block as well as been (sic) a scientific word has some connection with the subject that is being taught in that block. E.g. C block is used for languages, so is it possible to find a French / German / Spanish scientist beginning with C or a French / German / Spanish word beginning with C which links with your theme.

It seems to us that while naming the blocks is not in itself a bad idea, why should they all be named after scientists? Also, if we are going to go to the hassle of renaming the blocks, why not start again with new letters? The disapproval we spoke of from teachers is that they object to having lets say, the English block, L, named after a Scientist. The other thing worthy of noting here is that while the rest of the school will be renamed, the new music block, E, will not.

Unfortunately the deadline has now passed for entries, however Overmark would love to hear some of your more controversial suggestions for naming the blocks...

F is for Freedom of Speech!!!

Update: We have now had confirmation that the blocks are definitely going to be renamed, and they are (as far as we know) going to be named by the winners of the Year 7 competition. Although we have had no confirmation of exact names yet, we expect the blocks to be named after units of measure, so A for Ampere, M for meters, and so on. We will update you again when we have a confirmed list.You heard it here first!