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The science department has seen a lot of change over the last term or so, but has it all been for the good? At the end of last year we lost some of the best science teachers this school has ever had; have we been able to maintain that quality of teaching? Has being a Science College actually been advantageous to us?
Normally Overmark would not like to evaluate a department like this; but we feel the Science department is so big that no individual teachers should take offence at what we say. And we feel that the quality of teaching in science has dropped since we have been a Science College.

It is not that any of the new teachers are bad it is more that since we have so many new staff in the department this year there is a lack of experience of the school. There also seem to be some organisational issues; for example there is no head of physics after Dr Payne?s mysterious absence (perhaps Inside Mark?s story scared him off?). While Mr Moore commented that there was no plans to introduce a new head of Physics the school is advertising the post on its website.

College Status
Now we are a Science College ? would you have guessed? The injection of money undoubtedly helped pay for the renovations to the older labs, but what about the rest of the money? At the opening evening there was talk of new equipment, none of yet has actually been seen used in lessons. We were also promised new laptops, and while the wireless infrastructure is now in place to support these laptops ? they have yet to be seen, although there have been several (unconfirmed) reports of break-ins.

We?ve been asking you if you think Science College status has contributed to the quality of our education, and so far the results have been mixed ? less that half of you think it has made things better.

Naming the Blocks
As we mentioned previously we have had confirmation that plans to rename the school buildings to celebrate the Science College status, but we are asking why? Do we really want to attach names to the blocks? The forms all have names, but are they ever called by them? This issue is dealt with more in the article ?D is for Dictator?, but Overmark wants to know why all blocks should be named after science topics? No-one has yet confirmed this, but we expect the blocks to be named after units of measure, since that was the winning suggestion given by a year 7 student.

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