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If you've had a bad experience with toilets at school that has affected your health in some way, then the Bog Standard Initiative would like to hear from you to aid an article being produced by the BBC. You do not need to give your name, and there is the chance your story might be featured on Newsround or Short Change.
You can either send your stories to us, or to this address Further information is available from

Taken from ... The Bog Standard Initiative's website.

Calling pupils with horrible toilets and health problems!

Pupils with health problems needed for journalists

Are your school toilets horrible? Do you avoid them? Do you only use them if desperate? Do teachers stop you from using them?

Horrible toilets can make you unhealthy. You can get things like bladder infections, kidney problems, constipation and wetting accidents. Or horrible toilets can make these problems much worse.

We get journalists (from magazines, newspapers, radio or television) who want to hear from pupils who have suffered bad health because of school toilets. Journalists feel that hearing from pupils who've actually been affected by school toilets is a really powerful way to make the point that more needs to be done to improve the standard of school toilets. It also helps teachers and parents know that stopping pupils from going to the toilet when they need to is bad.

You don't have to give your real name to the journalist. If it is for TV, they may be able to use an actor to speak your words. We would like to hear from anyone who would be interested so we can have a few names and stories ready. We would always contact you and your parent/carer for your permission as your welfare and privacy is our first concern.

An Urgent Appeal!

Newsround and Short Change are working on a story to highlight the problems of bad school loos. They write:

?We would very much like to speak to kids who have suffered bad health as a direct result of school toilets. We'd simply like to hear from kids, about what happened to them and how much they would like more to be done to improve toilets in schools.

Newsround and Short Change work with kids on sensitive stories all the time and of course we would take great care to be sensitive to the child or children involved. If it?s helpful before making a decision we can explain by phone what would be involved.?

If you would like to take part in the programmes, please email (with your telephone number) by 1st May 2005 and we will pass on your email.