Why can't I get on the Internet?

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As some of you may already know the school seems to have a new way of keeping people off of Overmark - all users who have recently visited the Overmark website have had their web access revoked. This comes after Overmark posters have been appearing around the school.
Those people who's internet access has been cut off have to speak to the IT department who want to remind them that printing and displaying posters on school premises is not allowed. Overmark was told it could not advertise itself on school property, however we are not responsible for what you, the readers do with the posters we display in PDF things.

Interestingly the school decided to deal with this issue by contacting those people who have visited our website rather than contacting us. They have also placed responsibility with our hosts, SAPH, who we must take this opportunity to thank for respecting our anonymity and dealing with the school on our behalf. We would much rather the school, or anyone else, expressed their concerns by contacting us directly rather than threatening our readers and affiliates.