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Students have most certainly not been abstemious in their sabotage of the word of the week; and even the pusillanimous amid us cannot have failed to note the ostensibly fatuous, utilitarian initiative.
The nascent of this montage of literary oddments began over a year ago with one display outside the hall. Following opportunistic altering of the displays the imbroglio was only ceased when the culprits were apprehended by a teacher on the warpath and the counterfeit signs jettisoned out of the scene. This Xenophobic response to an ultimately harmless use of foreign signs seemed to result in a resurrection of the word of the week; with the humour desiccated the quavering tone of the signs could be heard throughout the constituency.

Currently however the purpose of the word of the week is bifurcating; is it just an object to genuflect before whilst wearing our yarmulkes, or is it an opportunity to astound authorities with needless literacy strategies? If it is our second hypothesis then perhaps this needs to be objectively stated, rather than the current vacillating impression which is resulting in tautology ? and one must also consider the kinetic and auditory learners for whom signs are not as beneficial as a loquacious session with a teacher.