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As we once again wave goodbye to some of our members, Overmark has perhaps reached a junction in its life. We are faced with some serious options about where we go from here.
If we look back to our original "Who are we and what do we want?" article, we are left pondering to what extent we still fulfil our original aim - which was to deliver you, the pupils and teachers of RMGS with an unbiased, fun and interesting newspaper.

Since then of course one of our members was "caught" and continues to be threatened by the school despite having resigned as an active member of our team. More recently the school seems to have resorted to scare tactics and is monitoring all pupils who have visited our website (despite the fact our site is not banned from school, and you have every right to visit it.)

What is becoming clear to us is that we cannot carry on as we are; we know there are still lots of you checking our site; but without any way of getting though to the lower years our support will only decrease over time. Overmark was never originally intended as a long term project, however its popularity and support from students and teachers inspired us to keep it up - and we have no intention of just stopping now.

One option would be to come forward and reveal who we are, we have already been told by Mr Moore that upon doing so we would be able to produce papers in-school, and presumably the sanctions upon us regarding posters, speaking to teachers and our website would also be lifted. That said we never intended to reveal our identities to you, we are not doing this for any elitism or to form a "secret society", it was purely to protect ourselves from the repercussions of our work. Our reporters in all years have far more important things to worry about than students and teachers accosting them to discuss articles they wrote. We also fear that by telling you who we are, we compromise our integrity as writers will fear writing articles which are criticising of departments or policies.

We could simply start producing the paper again, without school approval and in direct opposition to what we have been told by Senior Management. From a legal point of view this is dodgy, while (so far as we know) the school does not know who is involved in Overmark - they do have the person they "caught", and while there is no way they could be justified in punishing that person, they could most certainly not be very nice to them on their UCAS form.

So what do we do? Well we?re running the poll to get your opinion, and if you have any other ideas please do let us know ? either by e-mailing us or by posting a reply underneath this article. While any decisions regarding anonymity ultimately rest with all members of Overmark, we?d love to know your thoughts.

Note that comments made to the previous article "Any other ideas?" have been imported to this article.
We should reveal ourselves! - 2005-06-17 at 18:30
Without a doubt we would still go strong if we reveal ourselves. What is an identity anyway!?
No way! - 2005-06-17 at 18:30
I dont want to get beaten up by year 11 for writing storys about them smoking and happy slapping in school....... My identity is my face, if its let out then someone'l break it.... so dont!!!
Just to note.. - 2005-07-13 at 00:05
The poll figures have changed, we\'re not rigging anything, we just noticed in the logs that search engines trawling our site had in fact been placing votes... So we have deleted these votes which have not come from real people but automated \"robots\".