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It was a struggle to force ourselves to read past the cloned Inside Mark layout and ?style?; but the Enterprise Echo produced by Year 10 as part of their Enterprise Days raised a few issues we would like to discuss briefly.
We did have to chuckle at the irony of leaving the Inside Mark team in charge of teaching people how to produce a newspaper; and even the input of a KM reporter didn?t do much for the general presentation of the paper. Of course we appreciate the team had only days to put together a whole paper; and we don?t want to criticise their effort.

We?d like to discuss the issues raised by ?Chavs Vs Grungers? in a later article as we feel the article perhaps oversimplified things when it said ?There are seen to be two types of people: Chavs and Grungers.? Our society is full of many sub-cultures which we all subscribe to in some way and whilst prejudice between groups is not to be encouraged; the fact that people do form these groups and become categorised is in my opinion inevitable and nothing to be ashamed of.

A rather one sided article on the Da Vinci Code which failed to do any more than criticise the best seller without justifying the authors? points; a seemingly pointless article on Reality TV and an article on the G8 summit which highlights the ignorance of some students - specifically whoever said ?they want English money to be spent on England? and ?the country is in debt itself; maybe we should focus on repaying the debts in our country? and the usual splattering of spelling mistakes and misuse of justified text all made for a newspaper much akin to Inside Mark itself...