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Hello again loyal readers! Many apologies for the lack of stories recently, but with year 11 out and year 13 gone things are a bit slow here... We just have a few things we'd like to touch on before leaving you for the summer holidays.
We are still consulting on the possibility of being allowed to produce a paper again in exchange for the names of our editing team. Basically we've put our proposals forward to Mr Moore and are waiting for it to be discussed at a Core Team meeting to get a decision either way. However, this issue has been on the agenda for at least four weeks now and still hasn't been discussed (perhaps Core Team needs to devolve some power to get through more items in a meeting?)

This year sees some more fine teachers leaving us; the Lydons taking an early retirement, Mr Barley leaving to be "better off doing other things" and Mr Rayner moving to a part time position and spending more time on his IT projects. Overmark can only hope we find equally enthusiastic, dedicated and caring teachers to replace them.

Taking a brief look at the copy of Inside Mark which has appeared in front of me (Note that the links are to our versions of the same story) I?m curious to know who on earth thought the interactive white boards were ?half the brightness of the sun?, when the boards themselves merely reflect a minimal amount of light from the data projectors... Opening the cover I see a rather dull looking page, followed by a tribute to some of our leaving teachers ? and then a horrific page of text, I?m not even going to try to read it. On the final spread is a big list of names and numbers... and the back is home to an story on the Bog Standard Initiative (who in fact contacted Overmark a few months back regarding a story we published last year on the state of our toilets). Overmark had noted the refurbished toilets but were deciding not to praise anyone until more had been done to improve all the facilities. We had a poster campaign for the toilets ready-to-go, but unfortunately due to problems earlier this year with readers printing our posters we had to hold off that idea.

Again I?d like to apologise for the slow-down in stories, Overmark is always seeking new reporters and ?informants? and with year 13 heading off we need all the support we can get. We have several exclusive articles lined up for next year, but we?re keeping those close to our chest at the moment. If you?d like something to read in the meantime can I recommend an excellent site we stumbled across; http://www.rantingteacher.co.uk, it gives a really interesting insight into how teachers perceive their pupils as well as being incredibly funny.

Until September, farewell and have a good holiday.