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Over the summer break we asked you what you thought of Sports Day. We were concerned that a majority of pupils didn't find Sports Day a beneficial experience and that perhaps it was time to stop saying "this is how things have always been done," and think about how we could make things better.
Only 31% of you thought Sports Day was a worthwhile experience, 38% of you said it was positively boring. The remaining 31% were more constructive and said Sports Day was in need of improvement. As we see it if around two thirds of the school don't find Sports Day worthwhile, then perhaps it is time things changed.

We believe that Sports Day has a lot of potential, we don't want to see it scrapped, but at the same time we don't want to see it carry on as it is. Less than half the school is involved in Sports Day, and we feel that is wrong. We would ideally like to see whole school participation, but not just in the traditional athletic events but perhaps introducing some less formal events which appeal to a wider range of pupils.

The fact that all non-participants spend the afternoon sitting in the sun not doing a lot also concerns us. Firstly there is the obvious health issues from sitting in the sun, whilst a blind eye is turned to the uniform regulations, it is not fair to make someone sit in the sun for that amount of time (in the past without even a drink, although that was resolved this year). Secondly with a frankly rather poor commentry and PA system it is often not clear what is going on, which leads to boredom in the spectators. It is hardly surprising so many pupils try to "disappear" over the afternoon.

One suggestion would be that the afternoon was full of different activities going on at the same time, perhaps the PE department used the opportunity to give pupils a go on some of the less used equipment, or try something they don't get a chance to do in lessons. Perhaps coaches or local sportspeople could be bought in to run sessions on sports such as tennis, badminton, football, cricket, rugby, hockey etc.

Whatever happens Overmark would really like to see the drab format of Sports Day updated, it has essentially been the same forever, and we think it is well overdue for a re-think.