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Overmark is the world's leading supplier of information based goods and services catering to a specialist demographic of increasingly socially aware groups and individuals. We employ such advanced techniques as dynamic convergence to ensure that our clients can reap the greatest rewards from today's turbulent social and ethical climates, while not sacrificing information integrity or relational constructs. Our team of highly skilled researchers will ensure that you always have the benefits of up to the minute news and statistics, and are available to explain and creatively demonstrate the uses of such valuable data. Don't let the school scare you off our site, its not banned yet!

Who Are We And What Do We Want?
Our original ethos was set out in our first issue, hopefully we have been living up to it as much as possible...

This newsletter is about YOU; we want to know what you really think about the school; and what you really think about controversial issues such as uniform, punishment and reward systems. We want to give you the full story, both sides of the argument. Not just what the school wants you to think and believe. We aim to be unbiased so that you can make your own minds up.

Your opinion is very important to us; and we intend to survey your opinion on issues like the controversial red-card uniform system. We want to know what you think, and to do this we have provided a website with online voting systems so you can tell us what you think easily.

In order to do all this we intend to produce this newsletter monthly and we hope this will be frequent enough to keep you up to date; if not there is always our website which will be updated to keep you informed about news as it happens.

But who are ?we?? Well ?we? have decided that it is probably best that you don?t know who ?we? are. It is not that we don?t want to get into trouble; after all the UN Declaration of Human Rights gives us the freedom to express our opinion in public. We don?t want to be hassled by pupils or teachers about what we put in our newsletter. We don?t want fame or fortune; just to keep you informed. If you would like to get in touch with us; either to find more information on stories; or to suggest ideas to us you can contact us through our contact page.

Well from all of us at Overmark we hope that you enjoy this newsletter, and find it informative, useful, readable but most of all enjoyable.


Overmark is currently banned by the school, this does not mean that we cannot inform you of THE TRUTH via the internet though. We will continue, in web form, indefinitely regardless of school oppression (such is our wonderous dedication to freedom).

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