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The Prefects be askin if we'd kindly be displayin' this here notice. (Updated post-event)
Ahoy Thar!

International Talk Like A Pirate Day be upon Monday 19th September.
Ye sprogs be invited to talk like an ol? scurvy seadog for t? day, sixth form and staff may wish to be dressing up too.

All Pieces of Eight collected go to t? Hurricane Katrina Aid Appeal.

Thanks me hearties,

--The Prefects.

T' Prefects also be providin' these bootyful links, International Talk Like a Pirate Day Website, The UK Headquarters of Talk Like a Pirate Day (be warn'd the bilge-sucking swabs at Websense have banned t' UK site so ye can't be accessin' it from School.). A handsome pirate glossary, full o' useful pirate sayins.

Them Prefects tell us they be plannin' on dressin' up so make sure ye give em plenty o' swag, it all be goin to needy causes. Overmark will be keepin yer up t' date as thar day draws nigh.

After the day..
Well done to all involved, International Talk Like A Pirate Day raised around £100 which will be going to a Disaster Relief charity. The day seemed to be enjoyed all round and proved especially popular with lower school. Well done the Prefects who organised the event.