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Mr Mudge declares loudly thorugh the tannoy that the Year 10 and 11 assembly would be longer than usual. Little did they know that there would be a pack of police sniffer dogs assisting policemen during a random drug search!
One source tells me that policemen carried out a random drugs test on Rainham Mark Grammar School early on during Thurday 19th October. My source informs me of at least two students who were found to possess cannabis and were sternly warned by two balding policemen. One student, who has a phobia of dogs, told me "I am not used to dogs and find them scary. Although it was very weird to see them inside school grounds." Another claimed that "this was an excellent idea because I am fed up with seeing druggies getting away with smoking weed...on school grounds as well!"

Senior management have denied that drugs were in fact found upon any students, informing us that the dogs actually responded to other "drug-smelling" articles on the students involved.

Overall, many students looked very nervous during the ordeal one told me that "I was hoping the police didn't find my pack of Benson's!"