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Its been a slow term here at Overmark, we spent some time at the beginning of this academic year trying to get ourselves re-instated as a school newspaper. We were even prepared to reveal the identities of our editorial team, however our contact was told there was no need for two school newspapers - and that we would all be better off submitting our work to Inside Mark! That did make us laugh...
Essentially we have now given up hope of ever being officially allowed to print papers in school again, and whilst we see this as an infringement of our right to free speech - we are in no position to argue with the management. Our contact has been threatened in the past and we have been warned by other members of staff not to against Senior Management's decision at risk of "unpleasant things" happening.

Hopefully you will have read the letter to us from Mr Lydon; we received this some time ago but were saving it until after negotiations with the school were over with. We did also present the letter to Mr Moore to give Senior Management a chance to respond to the implications of the letter - their response will be published here in the New Year.

A lot has happened this term that we have not mentioned on Overmark, the vending machines are now completely "Healthy Eating"-friendly (so buy chips instead at break time...), the drinks machine is now superfluously hi-tech (and expensive), a no-eating restriction has been placed on all buildings except the 6th Form block due to a student with a severe nut allergy, and of course charity week has just finished!

The end of this term also sees us waving goodbye to several members of staff, Mr Slowe (with whom we have an exclusive interview coming soon), Mr Walwyn and of course Mrs Mount.

Hopefully we'll be able to get this site updated a little more frequently from now onwards, to be quite honest we've all been rather busy with other things recently. Thanks for your continuing support of our cause, and to quote Mr Lydon "if you are reading these pages then you are already beginning to think for yourselves, you'll be fine..."

Merry Christmas.