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If you are in years 7-11 you will no doubt be aware of the new uniform system implemented this term. The new system involves students carrying a card, which teachers then sign if they see the pupil with incorrect uniform. Staff are said to be very impressed with the impact this new system is having on the general appearance of the school body, however there are always those for whom no system will have an effect.
Some of you may remember the earlier Red Card system, which relied on teachers carrying cards ? rather than students, this was in fact one of Overmark?s first stories, and the original article is still online here. The old system had many flaws and was ditched after only a few weeks, this new system seems to be having much more of an effect.

There is still the issue of how fair the system is, in our previous article we said:
We are also interested in seeing if year group or gender makes a difference to how likely you are to be punished for uniform; this comes after reports of teachers being more lenient to older students or to members of one sex.

? and we worry that this point may still stand, with certain teachers ?favouring? certain groups of students. There are numerous reasons why this may be happening, teachers may feel unable to tell-off more threatening looking year 11s, or feel it less important to maintain uniform for year 10-11 when they are nearing the end of their compulsory education.

If you have any more specific examples of this happening, or any other opinions about the new system, please feel free to leave a comment or get in touch. (Note that you cannot leave ?comments? when in school ? this is for our benefit and yours).