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We find arguments for both sides of the uniform debate
Pro-Uniform Statements
* The uniform isn that bad, it could be a lot worse and uniform has in general improved over time to give some allowance for fashion (for example not wearing a cap and girls being allowed to wear trousers).
* Pockets on blazers are practical for keeping stationery and other things in.
* Uniform means that we do not become dependant on fashion at an early age.
* Uniform protects those who are less-well-off from discrimination and social exclusion.
* Uniform keeps the school body looking smart and tidy.
* Uniform is a long-standing tradition that should not be abolished.
* Wearing a uniform prepares us for wearing suits or other uniforms in later life.
* Uniform subliminally suppresses rebellion which allows us to learn more easily.
* A new fashionable uniform would only create more problems.
* People in Britain have always worn a uniform and it has done them no harm.
* Uniform may be expensive, but ormalclothes would be even more expensive.

Anti-Uniform Statements
* The uniform is uncomfortable, too hot in summer and too cold in winter.
* The uniform is unfashionable and ugly.
* Uniform is an old-fashioned concept which must be updated.
* Having to wear a uniform suppresses individuality.
* Now is the time when we discover ourselves and have to try to show our individuality or choose to enter a certain social group.
* The uniform is never worn properly, and therefore doesn't make us look smart or tidy
* Abolishing uniform would make school more popular and therefore decrease truancy levels.
* Being comfortable decreases stress levels, which in turn allows us to learn more and feel better about school.
* If you feel uncomfortable you are less likely to do well in exams.
* Uniform is expensive, especially when items can only be brought from certain shops.
* Uniform is not compulsory in America, Australia, Canada, France, Germany and most of the rest of the world. We are in the minority and there is no good reason for this!

Pro-Uniform Conclusion
I may be unpopular in my argument but I believe that there is a good reason for us to wear a uniform. It is the uniform which suppresses our teenage rebellion and keeps us more calm and collected. Being calm will help us learn more effectively and in the long run this will help us achieve higher marks in exams.

I appreciate that the uniform is dull, but there is a reason for this: if the uniform was any more exciting then the chances are there would be groups of people who would object to the style of it. If the uniform was orientated towards chavs the sweaties would object, and vice-versa.

The uniform does have other practical advantages as well, where would you be without your trusted blazer pockets to keep all your stuff in?

There is also the time-honoured argument that wearing a uniform prevents us from being too dependant on fashion and is not in any way socially exclusive to poorer families. I think we don't realise how much this actually affects us, we can all say we wouldn't care what people wore but would we really?

I leave it up to you, but don forget my side of the argument in favour of the easy way out

Anti-Uniform Conclusion
Throughout the entirety of the first five years at our beloved school students are forced to suffer the dire school uniform. There is no choice in the matter. Why must the governors insist we wear the hideous uniform? It wouldn't be quite so bad if the uniform was more attractive (you might even go so far as to say stylish!), but no, they are of a dull, black colour and are unbelievably uncomfortable. They say the uniform prepares us for later life, but the going trend in many places of work is to have informal, jeans-and-T-shirt dress codes.

As if wearing the uniform wasn't ridiculous enough there are uniform inspections to ensure we all look like complete clones. It just stupid, no pupil (well, with very few exceptions) wears their top button done up all day, at most they will just cover it (often using the cough technique) when they see one of the few teachers who bother with uniform.

In my opinion we should abolish school uniform altogether, but this is a highly unlikely outcome. Maybe for one day the whole school should just arrive wearing whatever they like. We should not be pushed around any more, we must rebel and stand up for our rights.