What Did You Think About Red Cards?

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We asked you what you thought about the controversial Red Card system (see original article); unfortunately due to continual technical problems we weren't able to give you the proper survey we described in the December issue. We did however allow you to vote on whether you think the Red Card system has made the quality of uniform at our beloved school better, worse or the same.
The votes were overwhelmingly in favour of "the same", which means that; as a whole, you think that the red card system hasn't improved uniform at our beloved school. This is the result that we at Overmark predicted; and it allows us to conclude that as we predicted in the 1st issue, the Red Card system doesn't work and isn't fair. We therefore ask why does it continue? Your e-mails support our theories about teachers misusing the system and about many teachers not using their cards at all!

The exact results; as of Friday 9th January are:
* The Same : 68%
* Worse : 18%
* Better : 14%

These results are not conclusive proof as obviously the survey was quite selective, however it does clearly show that you don think the Red Card system works!

We are going to leave the survey on-line until the next issue in February so we can continue to judge your opinion of uniform at school.


As mentioned on the home page, one of our reporters was recently 'caught' by our Deputy Head. The very same night this happened the votes 'magically' changed so that 'better' and 'the same' were on an equal percentage! After checking our site statistics is became apparent that in three hits to the site the votes for 'better' rose by 10! I wonder who could have done that?