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We?re back! Yes, despite hefty opposition from the powers-that-be we have briefly returned, because we couldn?t bear it any longer. To be honest we have no permission to be printing and distributing this paper anymore, but that doesn?t stop you reading it!
For those of you who don?t remember, or who weren?t here when Overmark last produced printed copies of its newspaper, Overmark is the schools "underground", newspaper. The school has two newspapers, "Inside Mark", which is run by The English department with volunteers. We are "Overmark", and we operate entirely anonymously, printing more controversial stories aimed at the cynical reader. As regular readers might know, the school banned us after two printed issues - they said we were operating illegally. They "caught" one of our reporters and threatened them with all kinds of unpleasant things if Overmark continued "illegally".

Despite repeated efforts to get the paper endorsed again, and numerous compromises on our part the school still refuses to allow us to print papers. We have continued online still fighting for the same causes, as not even Senior Management can control the internet...

And as for this issue? Basically, currently our directorial team is comprised of Year 13s, and seeing as we?re leaving the school in just a few days, (or perhaps we?ve already left, it depends when you get to read this) we don?t have much to lose anymore! We felt we couldn't leave without producing one final issue together before handing over to the new editors for next year.

I hope you enjoy reading this issue as much as we?ve enjoyed making it (although it gets you into far less trouble than us). As usual you can get in touch with us about any of the issues raised in this paper by e-mailing us at overmarked@yahoo.com.