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It seems that Megabytes, our school canteen is actually going out of its way to make itself unpopular. Firstly they stop serving chips every day and begin serving healthy alternatives instead, and now they are denying us fizzy-drinks as well!
The Coca-Cola vending machine has now been taken away completely and replaced with a RIBENA and LUCOZADE machine! The school has made it clear that it is trying to gain some kind of healthy eating status. Pupils have noticed that over the last few months Dr Pepper had not been sold in the machines, the reason for this according to a Megabytes spokesperson was that they were told to stop selling it because it was too unhealthy.

Megabytes is a privately owned enterprise and is therefore not completely controlled by the school so we cannot (for a change) attribute all the blame to them, however it seems the school have been pressurising Megabytes into becoming healthier.

The new vending machine sells Ribena, Lucozade and water. Overmark does not condemn selling these healthier alternatives to Coke, but we would like to see the Coke machine brought back as well. We have, for instance, long asked for the school to provide cheap, mineral water (or at least clean drinking water). Here at Overmark we believe that pupils shouldn be forced into healthy eating and drinking, rather there should be healthy alternatives to chips and Coke.

For now, there is hope for all you caffeine addicts out there, the refectory and snack bar are currently still selling fizzy drinks, for how long we don't know. It seems strange to us that they take away the machine but continue selling it over-the-counter, all this has succeeded in doing is increasing the already humongous queues at lunchtime.

We are interested to see how long the new machine lasts. What we would like you to do (if possible) is not use the new machine, because if nobody uses it Megabytes will be forced to change it back, as it will be non-profit making. Please do not try to put the machine out of action yourself (we condemn vandalism), but this non-violent protest could win us back Coke.

We also ask you to campaign at every opportunity, form council meetings or whatever, to BRING BACK COCA-COLA!