General Studies: Why Waste Our Time?

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There is one subject which, on the mention of its name, teachers and sixth formers alike begin to experience a rise of emotions inside. To some it is a waste of time, to others an important subject which should be respected, in the timetable it is simply "General Studies".
For those who don?t know General Studies is supposed to teach you about a wide range of things, a sixth form equivalent of Ethics. You begin studying it in year 12 and chose to either continue in year 13 or change to Critical Thinking.

The problem lies in the fact that most students see General Studies as a waste of time, and this is not without reason; most universities don?t count General Studies towards your total in UCAS. What, they argue, is the reason of studying a subject when it won?t help towards university?

To make matters worse General Studies suffers from a severe case of bad management, from rooms changing at the last minute, classes changing or teachers changing. Despite only being for one or two periods a week it causes the most problems on the timetable.

Time after time students have been directed to wrong rooms, or been in the wrong class, because the timetables have been wrong or hard to read. This isn?t helped when new teachers are brought in, some classes having more than 4 teachers in one year. We have also had instances where the teachers have flat out told us they don?t know what to teach us, or what we should be being taught, this is not what should be happening in an A Level class.

On top of all of this, those students who opted for the Critical Thinking instead of General Studies are allowed to enter the General Studies exam as well?without having had any lessons?with teachers saying there was nothing you needed to learn for general studies anyway. One student commented, "I?ve actually been to all my [General Studies] lessons, and still not learnt anything in two years."

Most students freely admit to skipping General Studies lessons, some claiming to have been to none since the beginning of year 12, and until the lessons are taken seriously by staff that organise and take the lessons this trend will continue.

What do you think? Should we still take General Studies? Let us know...